Losing Weight – Why a Personal Approach is Most Effective.

FreedomIt can be very easy for us to slip into unhealthy eating and drinking patterns and often this can be gradual which results into us putting on extra weight. Losing this weight isn’t easy and not being as we would like to be can begin to chip away at our self esteem. It can also alter our behaviours for example it can influence how we dress or we may go out less or become a little less confident.  Read more ….

Hypnotherapy and Counselling can be very effective to allow you to move towards being as you would like and beyond. Having a one to one support means that we can work together to establish your goals, the steps you’ll take to achieve them and how, what will work for you, the potential hazards that may be encountered and find ways to overcome them, build in the flexibility that will suit you and how to maintain momentum. Your unwanted repeated patterns can be identified to allow you to overcome these and long term change can be created. Also, as you step towards your goal(s), you’re continually creating strong evidence that you make changes in life and achieve what you want to which often fuels further growth in other parts of your life.

Having one to one support is vital as you are unique. There’s never been anyone exactly like you and never will be. Group sessions or general diets have their place and benefit but they cannot provide the personal understanding and change that one to one support can.

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