FreedomCounselling and Coaching for your Employees.

 Your employees are your organisations most valuable assets.  The benefits of having an emotionally well workforce are huge on your organisation’s performance, adaptabilty to change, labour turnover and ultimately on it’s profitability.

Why looking after your employees is so important: –

  • 2007/08 survey – 442 000 individuals in Britain experiencing work-related stress that was making them ill.
  • Estimates indicate 13.8 million working days per year in Britain from work-related stress.
  • 13.6% of all working individuals thought their job was very or extremely stressful.
  • Stress is major causes of long term sickness absence in the UK and a contributory factor in up to 90% of all illnesses

What we offer – Counselling and Coaching

This is offered on a pay as you use basis with no hidden costs to support your employees as and when they require it or if you’d like to provide coaching to someone who is looking to move their career and/or performance forward.

We offer personal support for your employees.  This is on a one to one basis to help people perform as they would like to or to find ways to deal with life stressors. 

Benefits for the organisation

Beyond being able to provide help and support to your employees to promote their wellbeing, there are additional benefits for your organisation such as: –

  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism 
  • Minimised risk of employee litigation 
  • Demonstration of employer duty of care to staff Counselling for employees
  • Improved productivity and efficiency 
  • Boost to staff morale and a reduction of employee and organisational stress 
  • Confidential free service to staff (a non taxed employee benefit) 
  • Bullying and harassment addressed and combated 
  • Assistance with work/life balance 
  • Support for psychological challenges 


In offering psychological support, short-term counselling is usual practise for organisations.  This can effectively enable people to find ways to manage their lives more effectively, begin to utilise their resources more effectively, reduce stress, overcome problems and make positive changes in a safe and managed way.

We all face difficult times and when they are affecting other areas of our life, it can be beneficial to seek profession help to support us.  Some people find that past issues continually influence them to make the same repeated unwanted thought and/or behaviour patterns, others may suffer with anxiety issues, relationship difficulties, identity problems etc…  Counselling can help with these and much much more.  Click our counselling page for more information.

Life Coaching

Coaching helps people to achieve their potential – to allow them to place their energies in the right area, become aware and get rid of any psychological or physical blocks and to allow them to flourish to be successful in their chosen way of life, living within their ethics, values and beliefs.

Often, our lives can lack the pace and direction we require and this can be for a number of reasons.  Coaching seeks to allow the individual to achieve their goals and be all that they can be.  This can have a huge positive impact on their wellbeing, homelife and career. Click the link to our Life coaching page for more information.

Costs to You

Our service is based on a pay as you go basis and you’ll be invoiced for every session that is delivered.  Many organisations charge a monthly fee per employee plus charge for the sessions delivered, however, we feel this is not cost effective and it discourages many organisations from being able to provide support for their employees.

Often, purely knowing that support is available can be a comfort which can mean that your employees will feel supported with no cost being incurred to yourselves.

Call or email me Duncan Quinney at anytime for a sample set of terms, for more information about how this service will benefit your organisation and to discuss how referrals are made, specific costs etc….