Couple's relationship counsellingRelationship Counselling for Couples

Couple counselling seeks to allow you both to make the most of Your Relationship.  All relationships have high and low points, great times and not-so-great times.  There are times when couples may benefit from being together in an impartial space with another person to help them through their current difficulties.

As a counsellor, I seek to offer an open and supportive environment to allow you to work through any issues you may have and allow your relationship to be as you would like it to be.  I work with You as a couple to your requirements.

Issues and areas that can be looked at –

  • Communication styles
  • Goals and aims
  • Coping with changes (job, location, lifestyles, friends etc..)
  • Individual differences – becoming more aware and accepting of each other
  • Conflict resolution – dealing with specific issues or continual arguments
  • Defence mechanisms and how these are sparked
  • Working together – being the best you can be
  • Sexual issues
  • Extra marital affairs

Always remember that Your therapy is for you and will be tailored to your needs and requirements.

How will this be of benefit?

The really depends on your requirements from counselling.  When a couple agree to go to couple counselling, they are making a strong statement to one other to confirm their love and commitment to the other and they are articulating their belief that their relationship can improve (otherwise they would not even consider relationship counselling).

By being together in a room with a therapist, often, it allows a different and more open way of communication to begin.  Often, awareness of each other increases to allow each to be more understanding, trusting and tolerant of the other.  It is rare for couples not to benefit from relationship counselling and for some, it allows them to transform their relationship.

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