Sphere jigsaw in hand - applications of personal empowerment therapyPersonal Therapy can be beneficial in many ways whether it be to understand and alleviate unwanted behaviours, gain a greater awareness of you or move forward in life.

We probably spend more time researching and booking a holiday than we do undertaking an activity to personally help ourselves.

As a therapist I work with You to Your agenda using therapeutic tools that will of greatest benefit to you and fit with how you work.  It’s common to not clearly know what we’re looking to achieve or what we want or require and as part of the beginnings of therapy, we can explore which options would suit you best to reach your desired outcome.  This will continually be monitored throughout our time together as it’s vital that your therapy fits for You.

The more popular applications of personal therapy are listed below – please click on the links for more information.

Please feel free to contact me should you have a particular issue or problem that isn’t listed that we may be able to help you with.

Additional Applications

Agoraphobia Alcohol addiction
Anxiety/anxiety attacks Bad habits
Bed wetting Blushing
Confidence boosting Depression
Drug addiction Ego boosting
Embarrassment Emotional pain/guilt/anger
Exam nerves Fear of flying
High blood pressure Impotence
Insomnia Interview nerves
Irritable bowel syndrome Medical hypnosis
Migraine Motivation
Memory and learning Nail and finger biting
Nervous problems Nightmares
Obsessive compulsive disorders Panic state, panic attacks