Managing changeDuring our lives, we experience many changes whether they be changes that we seek to make or changes that are put upon us.

Life continually throws up change and often our happiness and well-being is not determined by what changes but by how well we cope with change.

As humans, we tend to resist change as keeping with the status quo is often easier. When change is unexpected, this can cause anxiety, distress and difficulties in coping with this change. Often, this is because we do not feel secure, comfortable or confident we can cope if things are different. We tend to like what we know – we live within our comfort zone and sometimes we prefer to remain within our comfort zone even if we’re aware that this may not be good for us. When we are familiar with situations and circumstances, we feel more comfortable and we know that we can survive in them. New situations do not offer this security, however, if nothing in our lives changed, our lives would seem very boring.

How personal therapy can help you manage change

Personal therapy can help you in many ways. It can help you to to gain a perspective of what’s happening, equip you with the tools you need and to help you explore and assess what is going on before deciding on how to move forward. It can also help to allow you to appreciate your own processes and patterns to allow you to be more resilient to future changes that you experience.

Learning to cope with changes that life brings can be helped with Counselling to talk things through or with Hypnotherapy to communicate to that deeper part of you to encourage acceptance of situations and greater inner strength and resilience.

If you would like any more information on how Personal Empowerment Therapy can help, please do not hesitate to make contact.