Provides a safe and confidential environment for you to talk about issues that maybe affecting you to allow you to process and gain a greater understanding of your world.  We are all individuals and counselling can help you understand how you feel, how this may affect your behaviour and assess options to make positive changes..


Is the use of hypnosis to allow positive changes to take place.  This usually involves a detailed consultation in which we discuss the aspects you are looking to change and explore this (which in itself can be enlightening and therapeutic) which allows us to agree a course of therapy tailored to you, your needs and your requirements.  You would then be guided into a relaxed hypnotic state and I am likely to use some NLP techniques or suggestion work.


This is a psychological school of thought applied to therapy which believes that humans are motivated by inborn forces where our instincts drive our mental and physical behaviours.  Psychological malfunctioning comes from lack of balance between pleasure and unpleasure and unconscious (e.g. dreams, instincts) is an important area to look at.  Freud was the founder of this area of thought.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on the assumption that feelings and behaviour are largely a product of cognitions (thoughts), therefore using this therapy we can bring about changes in our thinking, feeling and behaviour. It is concerned with understanding how events and experiences are interpreted and then identifying and changing distortions or deficits that occur in our cognitive processing.

Person Centred / Humanistic Counselling

Is based on the assumption that we are all self actualising (working to achieve all we can be), rational and forward moving.  It also assumes we are trustworthy, congruent and constructive when we are free of being defensive and Humanistic counselling looks to create the correct environment for potential to be realised and achieved.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the relationship of how we think and communicate and how these are programmed to create our unique emotions, feelings and behaviour. Using NLP, we can alter the way we respond to certain stimulus (e.g. phobia’s, anxiety, panic attacks) as we can change how things are represented and encoded within us therefore being able to alleviate unwanted feelings or increase wanted feelings.


Is a naturally relaxed state where your subconscious is open to accept suggestions to change unwanted behaviours or habits or to increase wanted behaviours or feelings.  Believe it or not, we often fall into a similar state in everyday life – for example, have you ever been so engrossed in a book that time has just flown, or have you driven somewhere and upon arriving wondered how you got there.  In these instances your conscious mind will have relaxed your subconscious takes over as an auto pilot.

Life Coaching

Is about getting you from where you are now to where you want to be in life whether this be moving forward in your career or personal life or reaching and exceeding your goals.  This is done by us establishing an effective working relationship with a willingness to work through issues to encourage autonomy, empowerment and self confidence within the belief that we are all working to fulfil our potential and can embrace the changes to move forward with our lives.


Is a universal human emotion and is part of everyday life.  It can be motivational or can increase alertness to ensure that the body is ready in dangerous situations and it is often negatively associated with stress.  When anxiety becomes overwhelming, the sufferer my feel they are losing control of their life or that they can no longer cope.  Symptoms include – Excessive worry and fear of situations and objects, Unrealistic fear of future situations (fear of fear), Disturbed sleep or insomnia, Fatigue, Trembling, shakiness, constant fidgeting, Feeling of jumpiness/jitteriness, Apprehension, Unrealistic worry or fear that something bad may happen to loved ones, Impatience and irritability.


Is a term that is used frequently in today’s society.  It is the feeling of being overloaded, overwhelmed or being unable to cope with changes in life or new situations.  It can cause problems such as inability to concentrate, mood swings, breathlessness, stomach upsets and skin problems and is often linked with anxiety.

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