Counselling provides a safe, confidential space to allow you to feel better and live as you would like to.

Counselling helps us by allowing us to express ourselves, process how we’re feeling and to find ways to lead our lives with greater fulfilment and contentment.  Commonly, it helps us with anxiety, low mood, trauma and relationships.

Issues and problems are a natural part of life.  Anxiety and low mood affects a huge proportion of the population.  When our mental health issues are affecting us or seem overwhelming, then counselling can be the greatest help for us.  It can help us manage our emotions and difficulties in the short term and provide skills and awareness that impact us positively in the long term.  Many find counselling is their key to leading a more free and fulfilling life.

As an individual, you are unique as your fingerprint and this is reflected in your therapy. Together we’ll look at your needs and requirements in applying the relevant therapeutic tools to allow you to gain the most from your sessions.

For example, you may wish to move forward with a specific issue or problem that maybe holding you back or you may be looking to understand and alleviate certain feelings (such as stress or anxiety). You may be looking to gain an greater awareness of you and your unconscious world (and how this affects you) or something different – either way would entail that we approach your needs and requirements in a way that fits for you.

Your confidential sessions are usually face to face at either of the therapy rooms in Sutton Coldfield or Great Barr and can also be by telephone or online.  It’s very easy to arrange an appointment.  Please click her for information on how to book or contact me by telephone or email if you’d like any further information whatsoever.