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Counselling is a talk therapy that provides a safe, confidential space for you.

Counselling is a form of psychotherapy and the aim of counselling is to help You find Your own way towards a more fulfilling way of living.

Issues and problems are a common and natural part of life.  However, when they are affecting you in a negative way or seem overwhelming, then you may benefit from being able to explore them to gain understanding, review options and make changes.  Additionally, we can benefit by talking with a trained and qualified counsellor to help us gain a greater self awareness to allow us to lead a more free and fulfilling life.

As an individual, you are unique as your fingerprint and this is reflected in your therapy. Together we’ll look at your needs and requirements in applying the relevant therapeutic tools to allow you to gain the most from your sessions. This is important as some approaches may not feel right for you and therefore would be inappropriate to use.

For example, you may wish to move forward with a specific issue or problem that maybe holding you back or you may be looking to understand and alleviate certain feelings (such as stress or anxiety). You may be looking to gain an greater awareness of you and your unconscious world (and how this affects you) or something different – either way would entail that we approach your needs and requirements in a way that fits for you.

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Most therapists use one of the following schools of Psychological thought

What these terms mean.

I work integratively which means that I integrate the main schools of psychological thought in a structured manner around you.

Working this way means that your therapy is tailored to you. For example, some people may find greatest benefit in looking into their past to see how their inner drives affect them (working Psycho-dynamically). Others many benefit from looking at how thoughts, emotions, physical feeling and behaviour interact and look to further into how their beliefs and learnt behaviour affect them and look to make changes (Cognitive Behavioural – CBT). Others often benefit by having a safe, non-judgemental space to talk to allow them to offload their baggage, explore their issues and options, evaluate possible courses of action and arrive at their own conclusions (Humanistic). Others may benefit from focusing on moving forward – looking at what can be done in the here and now to improve your current circumstances (Solution Focused).

Working Integratively means that we can use one or all of these approaches to allow you to get to where you want to be.

Your confidential therapy is more often that not conducted face to face but can also be over the telephone or via e-mail. Please contact us for more information.