How can keeping a journal help You?

Keeping a journal can bring great benefits and you can do this in a number of ways.  A valid point to remember is that this is your journal and often we can place undue pressure on ourselves to write every day or can give up if we’ve missed a few days or weeks.  This is Yours so if you find it a help to write once a week, month, quarter then do so.  Read more ….

There’s the traditional method of having a physical diary that you write in when you wish or feel the need to.  Some people will use an app or have a notebook that they write or draw in.  Personally, I use a password protected Word document that I can easily open up and type away into.

How can it help –

  • It helps to get things out – To write/type can allow us to get our thoughts out and this release can be of great help
  • We process things – As we write, we’re slowing our thoughts down as we write at a much slower speed than out thoughts.  We also see what we’re writing and this allows our mind to process what we’re writing and be more rational.
  • We engage the rational side of our mind. Putting letters in the formation of words and into sentences makes us use the rational side of our mind.  Often, we can be consumed with emotion and emotions aren’t particularly rational.  Writing means we have to use the rational side of our mind.
  • We make greater sense – By slowing our thoughts down and getting them out in a physical form (on something you can see), it allows us to make greater sense.  When we purely think about things, they often revolve round and round and often creates unwanted feelings of stress, fear and not being in control.
  • We can become more self-aware – Writing allows us to express ourselves and allows us to become more aware of our patterns, reactions and behaviours.
  • Plans – It can allow us to make plans whether that be short term plans or longer term ones.  By writing things down, we also commit more to turning plans into actions.

These are just some of the benefits to journaling.  I would invite you to experiment with keeping a journal in a way that fits for you and to assess what you feel the benefits are for you.

Please contact me if you’d like any further information about any of the points raised or if you’d like further details about how I may able to help You.

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