What if your anger is too much for your current skills to manage it?

Managing any strong emotion can be a challenge for us as when we are flooded with strong feelings, our ability to think rationally diminishes significantly.  Anger is one of our primary emotions and is often sparked by frustration or injustice.  Read more ….Some people are able to manage or deal with their anger very effectively and others less so.  Some of the determining factors in how we deal with anger can be – self awareness of our triggers, confidence to face our triggers, suppressed anger being displaced (see below), learnt coping mechanisms, our current mood and our current sense of wellbeing to name a few.

Suppressed anger can be a major contributor in how we deal with events that make us angry.  If there have been previous life experiences that remain unresolved, the emotions from these can come out in the here and now and have a massive effect on our life and relationships.

As a provider of anger management, I seek to help people to understand what may be causing their anger to be so strong or out of control as well as looking at here and now aspects such as recognising triggers and developing new ways of coping.  I can also supply a comprehensive self-help guide and there’s lots more information on my web-page – https://www.personalempowerment.co.uk/applications/anger .

As always, feel free to contact me with any comments or questions or if you’d like any further information whatsoever.


Duncan (Quinney)

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