Updating Your Well-Being Plan

Yesterday’s briefing from Boris has brought up many questions for us and with it can come stress and anxiety. This is all linked to the changing uncertainty and in the forthcoming days we’re likely to be processing what these changes mean to us as individuals and how we’re going to deal with them.

In light of this, it might be helpful to re-address and update your well-being plans. We’ve had so much to deal with in the last 2 months and we have all risen to the challenge of our lives being so severely affected. With the situation progressing, you may want to review how you’re looking after your wellbeing.

From my own experience, some of the plans and structures we tried to put in place have slipped and been replaced with a new evolved normality. Most of the time it fits ok, but there’s a need to renew and refresh. This can include brainstorming ideas, discussing it with family and friends, writing a list of things you’d like to be doing or planning a structure for your day. Internet articles can help here such as this previous post …… Wellbeing Advice and Resources for Lockdown.

Change and uncertainty is stressful so it’s essential that we look after our wellbeing. In processing the news from yesterday and what this means to you, I’m wondering what will fit for you to help you process this. One of the key things I’ve learnt in this process is how everyone is dealing with their own personal issues, losses and hardships in this situation. It articulates that although we live a life that’s similar to others, our lives are actually very unique. The issues facing you and your family will be different to others. We are also observing how others are giving, loving and caring for each other. Love and kindness are central parts of being human and which also includes treating yourself with love and kindness too.



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