Protecting Ourselves in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty in what the future holds is often a central component of anxiety and we are now faced with a time of great uncertainty. The emphasis for self-care, to protect our mental health and to care for others is now greater as the Coronavirus situation develops.

The following article may help with advice in how to manage anxieties with information from some leading sources such as Mind and Anxiety UK – Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health. This NHS webpage – Coronavirus Overview is also useful as it gives factual information. You may want to consider what will help you the most and what may damage you the most. For example, talking to the people closest to you and doing things you enjoy may help You the most. Allowing yourself to be open to more than 1 or 2 news sources about Covid-19 may damage You the most. Social media and the press are known to provide conflicting ideas and information that is dramatized and exaggerated which can create great stress and anxiety.

I hope you are able to look after you and you’re loved ones well and if you require any professional support, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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