What, actually, is Therapy?

I’m asked this question frequently – What is Therapy and What does Therapy mean?  This often comes from a place of wanting it defined to be clear about what we’re doing or about to do, however, it is just a blanket term like the word ‘treatment’ and ‘counselling’.  Any therapy has to be Your therapy as being the unique person you are, you will also have your own traumas, upsets and anxieties that need to be addressed in ways that fit for you.  The dictionary definitions are ‘treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder’ and ‘the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means’.  

So, the ambiguous term ‘therapy’ has to be applied to You, Your issues and aims at the time you’re looking to engage with it.  For some, this can mean reaching a point where they are no longer willing to live with high anxiety levels.  Therapy for this person may involve looking at managing anxiety and processing the roots of their anxieties to allow them to feel differently about themselves.  For others, it may involve seeking support and understanding over a loss or relationship issue. 

Would it make more sense to alter the question to ask ‘What is my therapy?’ or ‘What does my therapy mean to me?’

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