Mindfulness Exercises

Cave BeachIn follow-up to the previous two articles, below are some mindfulness exercises to experiment with.  Experimenting with techniques is really important to find what you prefer and what fits best for you.  Often we are advised to do things that may have been wonderfully beneficial or even life-changing for the person telling us, but it may not suit ourselves.


1 – One minute breathing.

This can be done absolutely anywhere whether you are standing or sitting.  Begin by focusing on your breathing and once you’ve inhaled, hold this for the count of 5.  When you breathe out, breathe out gently allowing the air to flow slowly and peacefully.

Notice your breath with all of your senses.  Watch your body alter as you take in air, feel the air as it passes through your airways, notice any smells and taste and hear yourself as you breathe – truly be there with your breathing.

2 – Consciously noticing.

Choose an object near you.  Truly notice it – noting it’s shape, colour, guess it’s texture and weight.  Reach for it and feel how it is in your hands.  Pay greater attention to it – where did this come from, what colours do you see, what do you notice about it, what do your hands look like as you hold this.  As you take a few moments to focus on this, notice how calm your mind has become.

This exercise can be done with an item of food such as a sweet or a grape or a raison.  Using food can add greater depth to the experience.

3 – Meditation

Learning to meditate is easily learnt and begins by trying it once.  The internet has many resources to help and there are meditation guides and meditations to listen on websites such as YouTube.

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