North – South divide

Petals on stonesAn investigation by The Guardian has found that prescription rates for anti-depressants in the north of England are up to 3 times higher than in the south.  NICE guidelines clearly state that pills should not be the first resort in helping mild to moderate depression and instead favour talking therapies such as CBT or Counselling as these work better and do not have risky side effects.

Read more …… In support of NICE guidelines, the Primary Care Trust’s that were contacted all stated they now have more therapists than before, however, some GP’s may not be making the best use of them.  

The investigation did highlight that there is a strong availability of talking therapies in northern counties with areas such as Middlesborough, Redcar and Cleveland trebling their talking therapy staff in the last 3 years and stressing that there is a strong burden of depression in the region.  This then begs the question whether the rate of prescription is higher or is depression higher in the north?

(source: BACP Journal – Therapy Today Apr 2011, Vol22 issue3)

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