Sun in handsWould You like to achieve more or perform better?

Would you like to improve Your life by creating more wealth, have better relationships or create a greater sense of wellbeing and balance?

Life Coaching is about allowing you to become all that you can be.  It’s about seeing where you are now and looking towards where you want to get to.  Whether you know it or not, you are unlimited in your ability to create your own reality and Your life, right Now, is likely to be a result of the expectations and beliefs you have about life.  Often, these expectations and beliefs can be self limiting or rigidly set.

As humans we tend to repeat the patterns and behaviours that that we’ve always done as this allows us to feel safe and comfortable and it’s our desire to feel secure in our comfort zones that often stops us moving forward and allows us to put up with what we feel is ‘good enough’.  You are capable of much more and by freeing yourself from self limiting thoughts and beliefs and by focusing on what you really want, you can move to be as you’d like to be.

Life Coaching can help you make the permanent changes you wish.

In doing this we are likely to look at –

  • Goal setting – what would you like to achieve, what’s stopped you in the past, how will life be when you achieve these goals?
  • Establishing resources – utilising what you already have, building on these and seeking the new resources you need
  • Identifying milestones to allow you to feel the sense of progress and achievement with each and every step
  • Motivation – what motivates you and gets you in the zone?  What creates that unstoppable energy for You?  What stops you being motivated?
  • Passion – what are you passionate about?  What do you want out of life?
  • Beliefs – identifying self limiting beliefs and ways of being and breaking through these (this can be very empowering and liberating).
  • Values – ensuring that goals are in alignment with you values.
  • Needs – what are the needs within you that need to be fulfilled to create a sense of wellbeing?
  • Communication – getting the best out of others and from your relationships.
  • Longer terms goals
  • Life Purpose

Your Life Coaching is for Your Life, therefore, I seek to work with your interests and your uniqueness at the forefront to allow you to move from where you are now into the future that you’re choosing to create.

Contact me, Duncan Quinney, by phone or email if you would like information whatsoever, would like a brief chat about how your life can begin to move where you’d like it to or to book an initial appointment.