I believe that all therapy is very personal and has to fit with you, therefore my primary focus is working with your interests at the forefront.  This means that I work in a very caring, conscientious and safe manner to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit possible and understand everything that is going to happen and why.

Stop Smoking therapy is a collaborative process (i.e. we work together where we are both committed to your positive outcome).  It incorporates a structured range of techniques to allow you to change your perspectives on your current habit and change your behaviour towards it (i.e. to Stop). Further to this, the Hypnotherapy will also allow you to make the changes that you desire at a subconscious level.

Your incentives for becoming a non-smoker and your issues around being a smoker are personal to you, therefore, it’s important for us to ensure that your session is tailored for you to ensure your therapy is as effective as it can be.

In helping you become a non-smoker we’ll undertake a number of activities such as –

  • Accepting at the facts – In looking to change, you are now  ready to appreciate the true facts around smoking rather than the habitual.
  • Doing something different – When you smoke, you may act unconsciously and not even be aware or conscious of your habit.  If you do something different (such as smoking with the other hand) you may be surprised at the difference this makes.
  • Assessing the enjoyment of the cigarettes – marking this out of 10.
  • Finding out you have the strength within to be as you want to be.
  • Talking about You – We’ll discuss the history of your habit, the reasons you started, what makes you smoke more or less, what it used to give you, etc… 
  • How life will be as non-smoker – what will you be able to do, what would you like to do, how will having cigarettes out of your life affect you.  This important aspect allows us to really appreciate the benefits you’ll begin to feel.
  • Thought stopping techniques – we’ll utilise Neuro-linguistic Programming Techniques to allow you to control cravings and unwanted thoughts – click here for more information.
  • Hypnotherapy – At this point, we’ll use hypnosis to make the right suggestions to your subconscious to make the required changes deeply within you.  From our consultation, I will use the drivers and incentives that fit for you to ensure that you stop smoking, feel empowered and feel the benefits of being a non-smoker everyday which will also ensure that you remain a non-smoker.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like any additional information what-so-ever.

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