Have you decided that your time to stop smoking is NOW?

Is NOW the time for freedom?

Studies have found that Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments to help you stop smoking. It is approximately 3 times more successful than Nicotine Replacement Therapy – i.e Patches or Gum.

By viewing this page, it’s very likely that you are on your way to becoming a Non-smoker.

Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do to improve your health and increase your life expectancy.

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How will you benefit? – which of these apply to you –

  • Becoming Healthier,
  • Having more energy,
  • Having a greater feeling of control in life,
  • Being able to us your disposable cash for positive purposes,
  • Have more time,
  • Feel really good for your achievement,
  • Care and value for You more,
  • Breathing life in a new vibrant way,
  • Seeing smoking for what it really is.

Becoming a non-smoker can be a big change for most people for a number of reasons such as –

  • No longer having the crutch of cigarettes,
  • Facing a fear of not being able to control the habit,
  • Facing a fear of coping when things are different,
  • Fear of cravings,
  • My daily routine will be altered,
  • It’ll be hard to be around friends who continue to smoke.

We often try to avoid change as our minds keep us in our comfort zone where we know we are safe even if wee know it’s not the best place for us to be.

Managing change and understanding the process of change is important to ensure the changes that you want are long lasting.  See where you are in the cycle of change  by clicking here.

Stop Smoking therapy is a collaborative process (i.e. we work together where we are both committed to your positive outcome) and incorporates a structured range of techniques to allow you to change your perspectives on your current habit and change your behaviour towards it (i.e. to Stop). Further to this, the Hypnotherapy will also allow you to make the changes that you desire at a subconscious level.

Prior to our session I will run through a set of questions to gain an idea of your level of desire to stop smoking and will ask you to complete a couple of exercises. Your Stop Smoking session will be a comprehensive 2 hour appointment where we will discuss in detail your reasons to stop smoking and more importantly, the great benefits you will gain such as more money, time, freedom, better health etc… You will be taught a set of straight forward techniques that you can use after the session if you need to or you can apply these techniques to other aspects of your life.

If you genuinely want to stop smoking, Duncan Quinney, contact me now for more information or to book your appointment.