Hypnosis to harness the mind's powerA hypnotic state can be described as being half awake and half asleep and is very similar to that feeling of being miles away that you may experience from time to time.

For example, have you ever been engrossed in a book and then realised you couldn’t remember reading the last few pages or have you ever been driving and arrived at your destination and wondered how you got there?.  The client remains in control of their thoughts and behaviour at all times with you being the ‘Captain’ and the therapist being the ‘Navigator’.

This state of deep mental relaxation is very pleasant and your mind will remain very clear throughout, however deeply you go. There is no question of being controlled or manipulated against your will; you remain in control at all times. Once the deep state of hypnotic relaxation has been reached, the subconscious mind can then absorb information, suggestion and other content which can bring about the therapeutic changes.

Using hypnosis to harness the mind’s power

It is the mind that can create dysfunctional thoughts or behaviour patterns and the power of mind should never be under-estimated.  By harnessing this power in the right way, such as with use of hypnotherapy, dysfunctional behaviours and thought patterns can be eradicated or alleviated.

If you require any clarification what-so-ever, please do not hesitate to contact me  as You are the most important person during hypnotherapy and as such we welcome any questions to enable You to have a clear understanding.