Self-Compassion – Learning to be kinder to You.

Updating or renewing our well-being plans is essential.  We can easily let go of the things that we know are good for us and continue to exist in autopilot with a declining sense of wellbeing.

Adapting to the current circumstances is essential as winter brings it’s own challenges as we’re less inclined to go out whether to sit in the sun or to exercise.  In the same way when you’re driving, you never let go of the steering wheel as you’d drift off the road.  You’re continually adjusting to remain on your chosen path.

We’re all facing our own personal challenges at present and have adapted our lives massively on the last 10 months.  For this, we should rightfully be able to take step back and reflect with a sense of pride of how we’ve stepped up to these unprecedented difficulties.

This article – ‘Silence your inner critic: a guide to self-compassion in the toughest times’ gives some great guidance on how to manage our negative thoughts and develop and greater sense of compassion for ourselves.  It’s evidently, so easy to treat others with love and respect where we can be the exact opposite to ourselves; giving ourselves the message that we’re not good enough or doing well enough often on the deluded guise that we’re motivating ourselves to move forward.

Additionally, the following article Mental Health during Coronavirus – Ways to Cope  may be of great help.

In our evolving pandemic, we’re all suffering and dealing with it in our own ways and it’s ok to feel fluctuating emotions and display the consequential behaviours.  Love and kindness can help us and that means exhibiting this to ourselves too.




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