Hypnotherapy – Make long lasting changes with ease

As the New Year gets under way, we often look to make positive changes to ensure this year is a great year. Making it is not always easy.  Read more …

The more repeat any behaviour, habit or pattern, the harder it is to alter. This is true as we like the security of familiarity rather than the uncertainty of what’s new, therefore the longer we repeat any pattern, whether this be a behaviour, a thought processor an emotional response, the more hard wired it becomes.

A way to make successful changes is to ensure that we gain some kind of reward for making the changes. Motivation can flag easily when we do not have sufficient rewards, therefore, giving up anything can be hard going as we feel a sense of deprivation.

Hypnotherapy can make the process of change a wonderfully empowering experience by harnessing the power of your subconscious to support the changes you’re making.   Your repeated patterns act as blocks and obstacles; keeping you in a comfort zone that can stop you reaching your potential.

Hypnotherapy can encourage positive change so that you’re mindful of the what’s different and feel a sense of wellbeing with each day that you remain as you’d like to be. For example, becoming a non-smoker means a range of possible changes such as no longer buying cigarettes, not having the old excuse for a break, needing a different coping strategy, a change to your morning routine etc.. We often focus on what is missing whereas hypnotherapy encourages you to feel a sense of accomplishment in your new ways of being and focus on the benefits such the increased confidence and esteem as you look after you properly, the feeling healthier, the freedom of not being tied to an unwanted habit, the extra time …..

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Consider – What are you looking to change this year, What’s you motivation and What support do you need?

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