Making the most of Your relationship?

Life pressures often take their toll on our relationships.  From long hours to the time and effort required to care for children.  It is very easy for us to become distanced from our partner and for us to fall into routine ways of being where the enjoyment we used to share is less. 

Read More …We can also fall into patterns where work against each other as our inner insecurities are touch by the other and we then seek to defend ourselves.  When we defend ourselves, it’s often perceived as an attack by other who in turn defends themselves and a conflict can quickly spiral.  When we’re continually arguing about minor matters, sometimes it can seem like there’s no end. 

Being honest with ourselves and seeking to make changes is often the first and biggest step (and the most enlightening too).  We can stop ourselves doing this as by seeking to do this, you’re asking your partner to commit to putting effort in too and this is risky in case our intentions are matched by the other.  Planning enjoyable activities together or finding a way to get that zest back where you can both be yourselves and remind each other why you’re together.  Also seeking to regain a positive communication style, where neither gets defensive and each feels safe to express their feelings, can be of great benefit.

Seeking professional help can also move things forward significantly as by being in a safe environment, it can allow you to be more open and honest with each other and you can seek to take responsibility for your part in the relationship and work together to make it work for you.  Click here for more information or feel free to call or contact me.

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