In the News: Top companies push for mental health to be properly recognised

The BBC have reported that a large number of significant companies such as WHSmith, Royal Mail and Ford are pressing the government to keep to their pledge of ensuring Mental Health is given the same status as physical health in the workplace. You can read the full article here.

This is so important as many employees can feel a sense of guilt or shame at admitting they are suffering with a mental health condition and organisational attitudes and culture influence this massively.  As a counsellor, I often see people who have concerns about how their difficulties will be viewed and accepted at work. Whilst a great many are understanding and supportive, others still have a very old fashioned view.

Being given the same status is a significant step forward in acceptance of mental health issues being real and tangible. It fits ethically and with duty of care. Also, it’s good for the organisation. When people feel supported, accepted and valued, it helps develop a strong forward thinking work force.

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