By Becoming a NonSmoker, which of the following do you think will apply to you?

How will my lifestyle improve?

  • You will save money – as much as several hundred pounds a month, if you’re a heavy smoker.
  • You will smell better – no more stale tobacco smells. 
  • Your skin and teeth will improve.
  • You will feel more confident in social situations as you won’t be worrying about the secondhand smoke you create anymore.
  • As a non-smoker, you may even find you get approached more often by potential new friends and partners when out socialising.
  • Your home will smeller fresher and there will be less staining on walls and surfaces from nicotine
  • There will be less risk of fire in your home.

How will my health benefit?

  • You will reduce your risk of developing illnesses, disabilities or death caused by cancer, lung disease or heart disease.
  • You will reduce your risk of amputation or gangrene caused by circulatory problems.
  • Your breathing and general fitness will improve.
  • You will improve your fertility levels and your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • By not exposing others to secondhand smoke, you’ll protect the health of those around you.
  • You will enjoy the taste of your food more.

Feel Atttractive and Confident

  • You’ll no longer have the stale tobacco smell from your hair, skin and clothes.
  • You’ll be looking more attractive with healthy, glowing skin, no tobacco stains on your teeth and fewer wrinkles.
  • You’ll feel more confident in public places because you won’t be polluting the air or making other people breathe your secondhand smoke.
  • Smoking is a big turn off to potential partners, so when you go smokefree, you might be surprised by the new attention you receive.
  • You’ll have a fresh, attractive home without nicotine stains on the walls and reduce your risk of starting a house fire or burning your clothes.