What helps make Your Christmas?

Christmas should be great.  That’s what the adverts tell us, what people wish us and what our memories of the past may remind us of.  However, for some it can be sad and sensitive time.  Also, as our lives move forward, our needs and ideals change, therefore, should we alter our Christmas to reflect this?

You are uniquely and brilliantly You.  There’s never been anyone exactly like you and there never will be so it’s important that you ensure Your Christmas fulfils Your needs.

What drives and fulfils you?  Do you love cooking, are there specific people you want to connect with, would quiet time with a decent book do it for you.  Do you want to do an anti-Christmas or scrap Christmas dinner in favour of pizza?  Also, Christmas time is a time.  It’s more than just the day.  For many, the day itself may not be our ideal and hopefully it has some great parts to it.  On the day spending time with family, cooking for others or being dragged to a relative’s or an in-laws house may actually be your idea of hell.  This may be a sacrifice you make for your family or a loved one and if this is the case, then maybe plan things that fulfil your needs at Christmas time.

Planning starts with thoughts and ideas before actions so maybe brainstorm your ideal Christmas and look to see which parts you can incorporate.  This article may help with tips and inspiration.


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