Personal Empowerment Therapy – Hypnotherapy in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield

Hypnotherapy uses of hypnosis for therapeutic means and seeks to communicate with the subconscious to allow changes to take place from this deeper part of us.  Our habits, thought patterns, routines, irrational beliefs are held within the subconscious hence, hypnotherapy can bring about changes rapidly.

How does it work?

By relaxing the conscious mind, we can communicate with the subconscious.  The sessions will always involve an element of talking as it’s important to gain an idea of where you are, what you’re looking to achieve and what may be maintaining old unwanted patterns.  In talking about the issues and what you’re looking to achieve allows the therapist to gain a view of what makes you tick which is incorporated into the session.  This means that the hypnotherapy is tailored specifically to fit you.

A state of relaxation is created by the therapist talking to you and guiding you.  Many people say they experience this as being between wakefulness and being asleep and the vast majority of people can be hypnotised

What can it help with?

There are a wide range of applications for hypnotherapy with the most common ones being – Weight loss, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence building and Stopping Smoking.

How soon will I feel the benefits?

The changes occur rapidly so after a session or 2, you’re likely to be noticing a difference.  If this does not happen, then we can explore what may be blocking or obstructing the changes you desire.

How would I find you?

Both locations are easy to find.  When confirming a first appointment, I often email or send a confirmation with directions.  The Birmingham (Great Barr) hypnotherapy room is very close to the Scott Arms crossroads on the Newton Road so is easily accessible from Walsall, West Bromwich, Wednesbury and all of Birmingham.  The A34 leads from the City Centre to Great Barr.

The Sutton Coldfield hypnotherapy room is in the Bannersgate area and is close to Birmingham (Kingstanding, Erdington, Streetly and Great Barr).

Further information

There’s further information on the Hypnotherapy Pages of this website or feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions for would like to book an initial session.

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